Nature of Code

Point Cloud Particle System - February 19, 2018

keyboard controls: move: arrow keys rotate: shift + arrow keys zoom: option + arrow keys gravity: ‘g’ key home: ‘h’ key Full code available here For this week’s assignment, I was inspired by Karl Sims’ Particle Dreams animation from 1988.

Oscillating Motion - February 12, 2018

For this week’s exploration into oscillating motion, I wanted to capture some of the playfulness and fun inherent in the chaotic motion of the double pendulum. Many incredible visuals online capture the mathematical complexity and underlying patterns to this motion, but I felt there were aspects of this motion that went unexplored.

Forces and Vectors - February 05, 2018

This week, we looked at how vectors and vector math can provide a valuable framework for building a physics engine. Because the underlying math for manipulating vectors remains the same whether we are dealing with position, velocity, acceleration or multiple independent force vectors, our code can rely on a single set of functions to perform vector manipulations. Luckily for us, most of these functions are already baked into the p5.

Random Walker - January 28, 2018

I wanted to explore how the random walker could be used to create or destroy an image. Could a series of seemingly random actions coalesce to become a coherent whole? I wanted to pull an image into its constituent units, and have those units each move independently of each other, finding their position in the image through a seemingly random path. At first, I gave each walker a destination position in addition to their random starting location.