ITP Winter Show Postcard Design

Published October 11, 2017

I started with a relatively simple idea for the design of the upcoming ITP Winter Show’s postcard: several students working together at a white board covered with their designs for said postcard.  Despite that the photo’s composition came out relatively well, it proved to be lacking in a couple of key ways: the images on the whiteboard were unrecognizable, and there were several distracting elements in the frame.  Because of this, I decided to pull the students from the image and alter the background.

At first, I tried to reuse the whiteboard images in the background, and ended up quite liking how the sketchy hand-drawn background played against the photo’s realism.

Of course I had to try the opposite as well (using only the background, and the students in negative space):

Below are some variations on these ideas:

My two (final) images are below.  I’m not frankly sure which works better, color-wise, but I did try to incorporate NYU’s particular purple: