Update: The Depths of the Pacific - December 21, 2017

Elizabeth and I spend some time editing our After Effects assignment to clean up the animation and editing. In After Effects, we added eases to all of our character and camera moves which made them much more natural-seeming. We also avoided moving to the music, which was too slow, but made the animation work first, then cut to the music (and cut the music) in Premiere. We also increased the ‘underwater’ effect, which helped to tie together /assets from different sources and lighting conditions and resolutions.

Animation Final: Unity - December 21, 2017

For this project, I used the Unity game engine and /assets from Mixamo and Thingverse to create a small game in which a player navigates an “Oh the Places You’ll Go”-esque landscape as a samba-dancing older man who collects golden cassette tapes to play his favorite tunes. Terrain After making the terrain in Unity’s terrain builder, I added trees from the asset store and the terrain builder. Frankly, I’m unsure what the difference is between trees made in the terrain builder and trees dragged-and-dropped onto the scenes main folder (so they show up as individual /assets.

Stop Motion - November 01, 2017

A quick stop motion animation: We made this animation using the stop motion software Dragonframe connected to a DSLR shooting directly down at a table. The actual field of view is quite small – no larger than 10 or 12 inches across. Two thoughts: the materials which compose your animation are as important to the final look as is the movement – non-standard choices here would make a much more interesting video.