Collective Narrative

Zebra Ear, Deer Fur, Piece of World Record Polar Bear. - March 11, 2019

I am not a diarist, but I do hold my memories very dear. Objects have taken over the role of archivist in my life. When I pick up something as insignificant as a receipt or an old tee-shirt, I am reminded of where and under what circumstances it came into my life. The objects become a link to the memory. In the case of a somewhat trivial memory – the location of one of a hundred dinners with a friend – the object feels like my sole link to that memory.

FM / VHF / UHF - March 01, 2019

For this assignment, I recorded voices on three frequency bands of radio: FM broadcast (87.5-108Mhz), Very High Frequency (30Mhz to 300Mhz), Ultra High Frequency (300Mhz - 3 Ghz). Unencrypted radio is unique among modes of communication / conversation in how messages are passed from individual to individual. Messages are usually broadcast for all to hear and it is up to the intended recipient to decide which messages they should receive (through both analog and digital systems) and respond to.

Narrative Maps - February 11, 2019

At what point in our relationship with a character does narrative emerge? For some background, I watch documentary content on youtube, and have noticed a trend in my viewing habits: I will start watching videos from a particular presenter because I am drawn to the content. As I watch more videos from that presenter, my interest will shift from the content of the videos to the presenter themselves.

Gates of No Return - February 07, 2019

What struck me first on visiting Paa Joe’s “Gates of No Return” at the American Folk Art Museum was just how vibrant and bright each of the pieces was – in stark contrast to the horrible histories they represented. If I hadn’t known the history of the sites and the people that passed through them, I would have spoken of the whimsy with which they were at times represented. One of them in particular was colored in brightly colored blobs, which I assumed was a somewhat fanciful recreation of the rocks from which it was constructed.

Hourly Comic - February 03, 2019

A day in the life, following an hourly comic format: