Paradise Blues - October 23, 2018

This project explores real-time interactive world-building in virtual reality. Users speak and objects appear around them. They ask kindly and mountains move. Basically, it turns them into the gods of their own terrible little worlds. Voice control allows virtual reality to feel a little closer to our reality, in which spoken words have meaning and merit responses. This experience allows us to consider what might happen when virtual reality advances enough to feel truly real: will we all succumb to the temptations of complete control and live our lives in VR?

Take the Money and Run - February 11, 2018

While modern life is full of job, family, academic and interpersonal responsibilities, “Take the Money and Run” is a game that allows anyone to live out their dreams of dropping our of the rat-race and traveling the world (in a safe and much less expensive way).

Carnival Ball - February 11, 2018

This project (made in collaboration with Yifan Liu) was an attempt to create a interactive two-person version of the classic arcade game “Skee Ball.” In updating this common game, we wanted to allow two players to play directly against one another, rather than just adjacent to one another.

Around the Corner - January 22, 2018

Produced short film “Around the Corner” shot in NYC and surrounding area. Organized 3-day shoot and helped manage expenses / equipment pickup and drop-off / transportation for actors and crew / permitting with NYC Department of Film and Television as well as NYC Parks Department.

3D Topographic Maps - January 22, 2018

After building my CNC Router, I wanted to see if I could make three dimensional relief maps. I set about downloading elevation data from the USGS National Elevation Dataset and writing a small script to convert the raw data into a format and scale which worked reasonably well with my 3D modeling software. After converting this data into 3D models, I used CAM software to create g-code tool paths for my CNC Router.

Rousers Overalls - January 22, 2018

Worked on clothing start-up with two friends. Started with very little knowledge of garment industry, brought ideas and sketches for slim-cut overalls to pattern maker in NYC and iterated several times to get a working pattern. Ran a successful kickstarter campaign to raise $30K to fund cut/sew/trim for first production run out of Pennsylvania. Worked with PA based factory and NC based denim mill to create garment. Since launch, have launched a second version (flannel-lined chino overalls!

Bacchae Set - January 22, 2018

Assistant carpenter on Faux Real Theatre Company’s production of The Bacchae at LaMaMa Experimental Theatre Company on East 4th Street.

Painted Porch - January 22, 2018

Working with a homeowner and painter, I was asked to mock up a ‘digital’ version of a classic checkerboard pattern using a QR code (quick response code - a 2D barcode), for the porch of a neoclassical NY home. We took several revisions to finalize this design, in which we played with scale (how the QR code elements would populate through the underlying checkerboard pattern).

CNC Router - January 22, 2018

Wanting to increase my ability to prototype projects at home, and learn more about Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Machining (CAM), and machine design, I undertook to design and build a tabletop Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Router. After several weeks of research on small-scale CNC design, motor control, linear guides, and some initial budgeting, I began mocking up a machine in SolidWorks that could be built using readily available materials and wood shop tools.

Electrostatic Headphones - January 22, 2018

For a couple of years, I made Electrostatic (ES) headphone drivers (the part of the headphones which produce noise) for my personal use. This was inspired in large part by the incredible post and documentation found here about a similar project undertaken by a user on the “head-fi” forum about headphones.