Carnival Ball

Published February 11, 2018

This project (made in collaboration with Yifan Liu) was an attempt to create a interactive two-person version of the classic arcade game “Skee Ball.” In updating this common game, we wanted to allow two players to play directly against one another, rather than just adjacent to one another. This was accomplished by combining both players’ goals onto a single game board, periodically switching those goals’ from one team to another, and adding projection and sound elements to liven the mood. Practically, we used an Arduino to interface with real-world elements:

  • Photoresistors in combination with LEDs to sense whether a goal had been made,
  • LEDs to indicate whether goals belonged to one team or another,

and a Javascript program (using the p5.js library) to control the Arduino, projections, and sound.

Further documentation for this project (including code) can be found here.

In Construction:

In Action: