Take the Money and Run - February 11, 2018

While modern life is full of job, family, academic and interpersonal responsibilities, “Take the Money and Run” is a game that allows anyone to live out their dreams of dropping out of the rat-race and traveling the world (in a safe and much less expensive way). Inspired in equal parts by Oregon Trail, Tamagotchi, and the oppressive noise of the New York City Subway, this game attempts to do very little in a fun way.

Electrostatic Headphones - January 22, 2018

For a couple of years, I made Electrostatic (ES) headphone drivers (the part of the headphones which produce noise) for my personal use. This was inspired in large part by the incredible post and documentation found here about a similar project undertaken by a user on the “head-fi” forum about headphones. This project presented a great opportunity for me to improve my skills in CAD modeling, build a CNC Router, and end up with a great-sounding pair of headphones to boot!