While modern life is full of job, family, academic and interpersonal responsibilities, “Take the Money and Run” is a game that allows anyone to live out their dreams of dropping out of the rat-race and traveling the world (in a safe and much less expensive way). Inspired in equal parts by Oregon Trail, Tamagotchi, and the oppressive noise of the New York City Subway, this game attempts to do very little in a fun way. This was a collaboration with Simon Marqvard.

Technologies used:

  • Mappa is a Javascript framework which wraps the functionality of several different mapping APIs together. It was used to generate maps and the coordinate positions for map overlays. The underlying map provider we used was the open-source Leaflet.js.
  • P5.js provided most of the visual UX/UI elements of the project, including generating short humorous ‘postcards’ for the players with data pulled from various sources, including Flickr’s API,
  • Node.js in conjunction with socket.io controlled our back-end elements, including our interface with our Firebase database, which housed player data and allowed the program to run from Heroku.

In Action: