A Few Deep Breaths, 2022

What is it?

La MaMa and CultureHub’s Experiments in Digital Storytelling Program incubates story-driven art works that harness digital distribution platforms, expand online audience engagement, and push the boundaries of current artistic forms. As a developer supporting several of these performances, I have created a series of virtual venues (using WebRTC, web sockets and integrations with theatrical cueing systems) in dialog with technical (theater / broadcast technologists) and creative contributors.

Some Highlights from these performances include real-time composited puppetry involving live video footage from New York and Seoul, South Korea; a series of experiments facilitating audience interactivity; and a cohort of collaborators who believe that performers and producers can offer more to their audiences than a static livestreamed video. On a philosophical note, these collaborations put forth the idea that the environments within which we connect with one another largely impact the ways in which we are able to connect. And just as the physical environments we traverse throughout our lives are deeply varied in their architecture, design and rules of interaction, our spaces for connecting digitally should reflect a similar breadth of needs.

Lobby space for Weather#, 2021
Control booth for A Few Deep Breaths, 2022
Fractals of Prometheus, 2023